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30kW and 45kW Liquid Cooled - TOWLES ELECTRIC
30kW and 45kW Liquid Cooled Generators

Briggs & Stratton standard 30kW and 45kW liquid cooled generators supply enough quiet automatic backup power to manage the demands of most larger homes. Boasting world class GM Vortec engines and 4 pole 1800 rpm alternators, these new systems offer true whole house comfort and control in an compact, quiet & affordable package.  The optional high efficiency computer controlled power management system provides optimal performance, making them the most eco-friendly standby generators in their class.

Premium Features for Premium Comfort

Fully Automatic -Advanced electronics will detect a utility power outage and automatically start the generator whether you are home or away.

GM Vortec Engine – Tested and approved on trucks and SUVs, world class 4 and 8 cylinder GM Vortec engines provide sophisticated yet extremely durable industrial grade power – perfect for the high power demands of most larger homes.

Computer Friendly Power – A long life, commercial grade 4 pole 1800 RPM alternator provides robust, quiet, ultra smooth electricity, perfect for larger smart homes.

Sound Shield Technology – Engineered air flow, an automotive-style exhaust system, acoustic foam dampeners, and low 1800 RPM engine ensure quiet operation. (66 dB under normal load)

Durable All-Climate Enclosure – The durable storm grey steel enclosure is powder coat painted for excellent adhesion and improved resistance to chipping, abrasion and corrosion – perfect for years of all season outdoor protection.

Turn Key Extras – Each system includes a battery charger and hour meter. The engine also comes pre-filled with oil, 50/50 Dex-Cool long life coolant and is pre-run at the factory, saving you time and money.

Premium Warranty – 4 year limited – your guarantee of quality and performance.

30kW and 45kW Liquid Cooled Generators

Power Management System Upgrade: Most high wattage ‘creature comforts’ normally require a large and expensive generator to meet with the demands of a larger home. Now you can manage the ‘high demand’ appliances of even the most power hungry home with this affordable upgrade, exclusively from Briggs & Stratton. Featuring patented computer-controlled technology, the system makes each IntelliGEN generator the most efficient standby generator in its class.

Available Accessories

Battery Warmer – Ensures reliable starting in cold weather climates. Model: 1915


From product selection and installation to legendary service & support, you can count on Briggs & Stratton’s extensive network of power experts to safeguard your home and family when the power goes out.