30KW to 48kW Home Generators

You Really Can Have It All

GE 30kw to 48kw home generators are designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-square-footage, high-tech homes. We never hope or plan for emergency situations to occur. But it’s always better to be safe, than sorry. So ensure that when the power goes out, all of life’s luxuries “little and big” remain at your fingertips.

A Smarter Backup Power Solution

The patented ‘symphony’ power controls offer a whole house solution for virtually every size home. Most high wattage creature comforts normally require a large and expensive generator to meet with the demands of a larger home. Now you can manage the high demand appliances of even the most power hungry home with this affordable upgrade.

30KW to 48kW Home Generators

Providing Peace of Mind: The Symphony Power Management System continuously monitors your home s connection to utility power. The generator starts automatically when there is an outage and shuts down automatically when utility power is restored.

Reliable – GE is a name you know and trust. You can be confident that, when you need your Home Generator System, it will perform. GM Vortec industrial engines will deliver years of reliable performance.

Warranty – The five year limited warranty is the best comprehensive parts and labor warranty in the industry.

Designed Around Your Life – Word class performance 4 and 8 cylinder GM Vortec engines at 1800RPM provide sophisticated yet extremely durable industrial grade power – perfect for the high power demands of larger homes.

Durable and Weather resistant – The new military grade finish ensures years of all season outdoor protection and resistance to corrosion, chipping and abrasions eliminating the need for an aluminum enclosure.

Electronics-friendly – The system delivers clean, stable power, protecting your computers and other sensitive electronic equipment from damage.

Easy Monitoring – The included remote monitoring system allows you to check system status without leaving the house.