POLYTECH School District, under the direction of Superintendent Dr. Deborah Zych, has implemented a new “Career Technical Program Review Process”. Each of twenty-one Career Technical shops currently offering CT instruction will undergo an individual comprehensive shop & class review occurring over the next three years to identify target areas for improvement and technical enhancement. The review process will be initiated and supported by a series of meetings between the CT shop instructor, school administrators, advisory board members, and contractors. Each team will strategize, identify and improve shop and classroom deficits by offering methods, materials, and means to improve the ultimate goal, “student learning”.

Electrical Construction was selected for review this year and, as a result, has made several upgrades and additions to the class and shop. One major change is the implementation of an alternative energy curriculum focusing primarily on solar voltaic systems. Working with Nick Sebastian from Towles Electric, POLYTECH is installing the first stage of a fully functional solar panel array on the roof over the electrical shop to be on line and operational by April 13th. During peak solar hours, the array will provide a supplemental power to be used as needed. Also, four new computers, complete with printer, have been installed in the classroom and linked to the internet for student research and PV system monitoring.

Electrical instructor Tad Jones stated, “POLYTECH Electrical Students will most definitely benefit from the new review process and the resulting upgrades.”

First row (l to r) Electrical Construction Students James Hill – 11th grade, Nick Slater – 12th grade, Dustin Mast – 11th grade

Back row (l to r) Tad Jones – POLYTECH Electrical Construction Teacher, Nick Edge – Towles Electric, Nick Sebastian – Owner of Towles Electric