Power outages cost Americans $150 billion a year. *Department of Energy, 2009

Increasingly, people are experiencing losses due to home power failure. These losses can range anywhere from minor inconveniences to huge headaches. Imagine having to replace a refrigerator or freezer full of food, cleaning a flooded basement caused by a backed-up septic system or even worse.

You don’t need a larger generator…just a smarter one.

In the past, selecting a home generator system meant choosing between a smaller unit that would only power the barest essentials, or a much larger, more fuel-hungry and costly unit. A Home Generator System by GE with the Symphony™ II Power Management System can provide a true whole-house solution.

Why Choose GE Generator Systems?

  • The Smarter Approach to Backup Power with GE Generator Systems:
  • Select a generator that power your whole house.
  • Select a smaller, less expensive, customizable system, that fits nicely within your landscape.
  • 4 or 5 Year Limited Warranty (model dependent) consisting of parts AND labor for all 4 or 5 years. The Best Comprehensive Parts and Labor Warranty in the Industry.