Towles Electric Inc are experts in residential electrical services in Dover Delaware. If you want to install a new light socket or power outlet for easier access in one of your rooms, then we suggest you do not try these residential electrical services yourself. Electricity is a great thing that makes our lives much easier, but it can also be extremely dangerous and must be respected. You do not have to worry though. Because Towles Electric Inc are experts in electrical residential services.

Leave Electrical Residential Services to the Experts

Installing a new electrical socket for a new microwave, or an additional power plug next to your bed for convenience should be handled by a professional electrician. Electrical shock or fire are major risks when it comes to any new electrical installation project and must be taken seriously. The connections seem simple from the outside, but behind the scenes there are a myriad of crisscrossing wires and resistors that could all go up in smoke with a single mistake. So, please don’t take unnecessary risks when it comes to electricity and call on an expert to get the job done.


Why Choose Towles Electric

Electricity can be extremely dangerous if not properly handled. Threats from electrocution or fire must be taken very seriously. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you entrust your safety to professionals, whether it be a simple repair or full electrical panel reinstallation. Towles Electric is staffed with experienced certified electricians that take safety as the number one priority in all their work. Our crew cuts no corners and takes no shortcuts when it comes to electrical services.

Our Strategy

Before we take any action, a thorough assessment is completed to effectively detect any faults and devise a comprehensive fault resolution. Our many years of experience with both commercial and residential repair allow us to quickly determine the proper course of action to fulfill all your energy needs. With our complete set of industry-specific implements and tools, you can rest assured that you’ll bet getting a dependable job with no surprises.

If you need a professional electrical installation service today in the Dover, DE or nearby areas, contact us at Towles Electric today.

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