Solar PV Systems Installation in Delaware

Towles Electric are supporters of sustainable green energy. So, we have taken the step forward by offering solar pv systems installation in Delaware. Solar Photovoltaic Systems are a great solution for those looking for reliable power supply systems that are also renewable and eco friendly for the environment.

Solar PV System Components

The key components to solar systems include the solar panels (modules), a mounting system and a computer-controlled solar inverter. Sunlight is captured and converted to produce DC electricity by the solar panels. This energy is then converted into AC electricity by the inverter so it can be used in businesses and households. To optimize the solar system output, the computer controller acts as a power management system. Batteries are also required for fully off-grid solar backup systems.

Solar Panel Installation Process

Rooftops are the most common location to place solar PV panels due to their proximity to sunlight. The key is to place them where they get the maximum exposure to full sunlight daily. If for some reason a rooftop installation is not possible, PV panels can as well be mounted on the ground where there are no objects blocking the sunlight access. The following steps describe a rooftop solar panel installation:

1. Set Up Scaffolding
2. Install Solar Panel Mounts
3. Install the Solar Panels
4. Wire the Solar Panels
5. Install Solar Inverter
6. Bond Solar Inverter and Solar Battery
7. Connect the Inverter to the Consumer Unit
8. Start and Test Solar Panels

Solar Panel Maintenance

Surprisingly, solar panel maintenance is very simple because the panels have no moving parts to function. This means that the overall cost of solar panel installation is upfront and maintaining them takes little financial investment.

Generally, you should inspect your solar panels around 4 times per year as the seasons change. Or after any unusual or severe weather. Since the panels must absorb sunlight, keeping their surface clean and free of dust and debris is key to maximum energy production. Contact us to learn more about our services.

For Standard Solar Panel cleaning

A basic garden hose will suffice to wash the surface of the panels. When cleaning avoid washing in the middle of the day. Either morning or evening cleaning is best. Also, try to avoid using cold water when washing hot panels to prevent potential damage.

If the panels have tougher dirt and grime on them, you might need to apply soapy water and use a sponge to lightly scrub them clean. Towles Electric also provides professional solar panel cleaning services if you’re not comfortable with heights or need a more experienced hand.