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Towles Electric Inc, we provide a wide variety of commercial and residential electrical services in Dover Delaware.

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Whether it’s your home or business, power has become a necessity in the modern world.

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Towles Electric are supporters of sustainable green energy. So, we have taken the step forward with offering the latest technology in solar power solutions.

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Towles Electric are supporters of sustainable green energy. So, we have taken the step forward with offering the latest technology in solar power solutions.


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We’ve proudly Served Kent County, Delaware and surrounding regions since 1978. We’ve met a lot of good people along the way. We enjoy giving back to our Delaware community, and proud to offer our Seniors, brave military, law enforcement, and fire fighter discounts on our residential electrical services.

Towles Electric Inc provides a wide variety of professional electrical services in Dover Delaware, from repairs to installation and custom power solutions.

Controlled electricity is one of the greatest inventions of modern times. It transformed our society from depending on either the sun or fire for illumination. To now having almost every aspect of our life electrified in some way shape or form. If you’re in need of experienced electrical services in Dover Delaware, choose Towles Electric Inc.


We provide Residential Electrical Services, Standby power Generators, and Electrical Repair solutions.

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It’s crucial to ensure that your business or home is protected with a backup power solution that’s reliable and efficient.

Choosing the Right Standby Generator

The primary factor for finding the best standby generator application is what you want to power.

Solar PV System Components

The key components to solar systems include the solar panels (modules), a mounting system and a computer-controlled solar inverter.

Solar Panel Installation Process

Rooftops are the most common location to place solar PV panels due to their proximity to sunlight.

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Standby vs. Portable Generator:

Portable generators are quick response but temporary solutions which are powered by gasoline. On the other hand, a standby generator is a more permanent, automatic backup solution powered by liquid propane or natural gas.

What Size Generator Do You Need:

The major factor to consider when trying to determine the appropriate generator size is what household or business items you want to remain functioning normally during a power outage? These factors will determine the size and cost of your standby generator solution.