Home Generators for Sale in Delaware

Towles Electric has home generators for sale in Delaware. We’ve supplied Sussex, Kent and New Castle counties, as well as the Eastern Shore of Maryland since 1978. We are licensed in both Delaware and Maryland to fulfill all your electrical needs from power requirement assessments to installation.

Our Generators Turn On Automatically When Power is Not Detected

When the power cuts out, our generators automatically detect a loss of power. The generator starts themselves and supplies electricity to all your electrical appliances in the entire house including lights, refrigerators and alarm systems. Another feature of our generators is the ability to set up circuits that supply electricity to critical nodes (areas) of the house instead of the entire house. Once power is restored, the generator will switch off and revert back to utility power and will remain on standby for the next event.

How Do You Know You Need a Generator

Individuals who have health care needs, are elderly or have an intolerance to fluctuations in temperatures would benefit from generators. A generator would be essential in situations in which a loss of power could occur. Delaware and Maryland temperatures fluctuate to extreme temperatures depending on the season. Individuals with temperature intolerance would need a constant electrical supply so they can heat or air-condition their homes even if there is a loss in electricity. Finally, individuals who require oxygen therapy cannot afford to lose power since they are dependent on an electrical supply to receive their oxygen.

We Are Authorized Service Dealers for GENERAC, Briggs & Stratton and GE

We have home generators for sale in Delaware. Not only do we sell GENERAC, GE, Briggs & Stratton Home generators, but we service them too. We can do routine maintenance, as well as, any repairs that might be needed. If your generator is still under warranty with the manufacturer or if the warranty period is long up, we can come out and service it for you.