Standby Generators

Whether it’s your home or business, power has become a necessity in the modern world. With the spread of the internet and the information economy, lives are now more interconnected than ever before. Businesses and people rely on mobile devices to carry out their daily activities. Just a single power outage can disrupt all of this. So, don’t take the risk of being left in the dark. Be prepared with standby generators.

Briggs & Stratton

It’s crucial to ensure that your business or home is protected with a backup power solution that’s reliable and efficient. Briggs & Stratton standby generators give you the reliability and efficiency needed to power your lights, tools or appliances, TVs, air conditioners or computers during an outage. Being a permanent solution, standby generators are installed and connected to your business or home’s liquid propane or natural gas line fuel source. Change over switches allow for a quick and easy transfer from public to backup power supply. Towles Electric have a full line of Briggs & Stratton standby generators available.

Choosing the Right Standby Generator

The primary factor for finding the best standby generator application is what you want to power. Whether it’s home essentials, whole-house backup, or somewhere in between. Or in business applications, consider the overall power demands of key business operations that must remain active. Learn more about potential applications and combinations to get the perfect solution.





Power Systems

Propane vs. Natural Gas Standby Generator:

Natural gas is a more efficient fuel source that can keep power your generator for weeks. On the other hand, liquid propane is generally a more short-term fuel supply that can lasts several days because they produce more power and demand more fuel. So, a large propane tank may be needed depending on your application.

What Size Generator Do You Need:

The major factor to consider when trying to determine the appropriate generator size is what household or business items you want to remain functioning normally during a power outage? These factors will determine the size and cost of your standby generator solution.